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Our English writing classes are mainly meant for the native-speaker students

from elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.   


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 Stunning Price -- the New American English Vocabulary Classes! (Elementary School  to High School)
震撼价 -- 新开美国中小学英语词汇班!



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Dr. Joe's English Writing Classes FAQ

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Great News!

Our student PoPo has won the Top Group in the PolarExpressions National Short Story Writing Contest, and her winning story "When Robbie Moved In" was published in a book titled "The Chance" in December 2015. 

Congratulations, PoPo! We are proud of you!



Dear Dr. Joe,

Here are my review notes for January 15th. It's very cold in the winter so please take care of yourself.

Thank you.



Dear Awriter, 

Thank you so much. It is cold but I feel so warm with your nice words! 😊
Dr. Joe



女儿很喜欢Dr. Joe 的课。在课上,她喜欢念,因为她有debate的底子。她最喜欢即时写作,尤其是老师马上就给他们点评,还夸夸她,她可开心了。当然我最喜欢的是老师给她改错,马上指出哪句话是可以省略的,哪里可以改改tone。刚写完时是孩子最能听进去的时候。而且老师改别人文章时其它孩子也可以看看别人是怎么写的。






Dr. Joe 2016年首次英语写作网上互动讲座录像

Dr. Joe's First Online Seminar on Writing in 2016  

Dr. Joe's First WeChat Lecture on Learning to Write (main part of recording)

Dr. Joe 首次英语写作教育微信讲演 (录音主要部分)

Dr. Joe's First WeChat Lecture on Learning to Write (main part of text)

 Dr. Joe 首次英语写作教育微信讲演 (文字主要部分) 

                             我们提供美国加拿大大学和私校入学申请专业辅导服务,详情请联系我们!                    We offer professional guiding services for American and Canadian university/college and private school admission application. Contact us for details!


Welcome to Dr. Joe's English Writing Reading Classes!
欢迎来到Dr. Joe的英语写作阅读课堂!

Systematic Education and Integrated Training of Quality Writing
----The Way to Learn

Many students don’t know how to begin, develop, and finish when facing a writing assignment. Dr. Joe’s engineered classes will help them solve this no-clue problem in a scientifically designed and artistically oriented flowchart procedure. The BFB theory invented by Dr. Joe is the integral part of this process.

Teaching Guidelines:  Dr. Joe’s English Writing Classes are custom-made, result-oriented, and highly intensive. Our classes are designed for the students from elementary school to high school. Our students will lead their peers by at least one year in writing, reading, and public speaking. They will stand out in assignments, tests, contests, presentations, communication, and high school and university applications.

Class Coverage:  1. Vocabulary  2. Sentences  3. Paragraphs  4. Composition  5. Writing Types  6. Parts of Speech  7. Punctuation  8. Format   9. Spelling  10. Diction  11. Research and Writing  12. Writing 
Exercises 13. Classic Appreciation  14. Student Writing Sample Analysis 15. Critical Reading and Critical Writing 16. Creative Writing

Dr. Joe英语精品写作课介绍

我们独特有效的英语写作课从词汇、造句、段落构造、篇章设计,到写作风格与创意,到语法、英文传统习惯及新趋势(包括写作与引述格式),到文学及写作历史、名家介绍,到学生作文评讲,再到精品与经典作品赏析、模仿和借 鉴, 涉及informative, persuasive, entertaining (narrative, persuasive, expository, descriptive) 等写作类型的系统练习,结合 老师原创的写作教育理论。我们的写作课是最系统、最根本性地解决学生不知道怎么写好文章的问题,使得我们的学 生经过系统完整的训练,成为高(整体写作水平高)、宽(知识面宽)、厚(文化素养功底厚)、精(精于个性化的写作风格)、快(在有限的时间内快速完成合格作文)、准(根据要求写出有着激光制导炸弹般准确定位的好文)多能一体的写作好手, 养成Critical Reading and Critical Writing的良好思维、阅读、写作习惯,并在Creative Writing, Public Speaking和Debating中脱颖而出。


Who We Are

Dear Friends,

Dr. Joe, the renowned educational expert on writing, public speaking, communication, and test preparation, leads
our wonderful classes which are custom-designed, result-oriented, highly intensive, and full of fun. Let us extend our warm welcome to our past, current, and future students and their parents.

We provide best university/private high school application services.

Maybe we have said this so many times and so many ways, but please allow us to say it once again: 
Welcome Aboard and Thank You So Much!

Dr. Joe and Team

P.S. Dr. Joe earned his Ph.D. of Communication in the United States.

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